Kopernik Hotspot

Do NOT use additional hotspots in proximity of Kopernik on the same frequencies as outlined on this page. This may create loops if multiple hotspots are in proximity of each other using the same frequencies. Use different frequencies if you wish to use your own hotspot at Kopernik.

DMR Hotspot

Tx Frequency: 433.500MHz (Radio Rx Frequency)

Rx Frequency: 438.500MHz (Radio TX Frequency)

Color Code: 1

Networks: Brandmeister, TGIF, YSF (see details in DMRGateway section below)

Power: 0.01W (10mW) – Please remeber to use low power (1W or less) as hotspots don’t require much power.

Talkgroup Assignment:

Southern Tier131367Full-Time
New York (State Wide)23136Full-Time
Upstate NY231361Full-Time
All Other Talkgroups2PTT

For all Dynamic Talkgroups, please use Timeslot 2 only as to leave Timeslot 1 dedicated to Southern Tier. Try to disconnect (PTT TG 4000) on the timeslot when you are finished. If not, these dynamic talkgroups will drop off after 15 minutes but it is considered polite to disconnect.

The Pi-Star Dashboard can be found at kopernikdmr while connected to Kopernik wifi.

YSF Hotspot

Simplex Frequency (TX/RX): 433.750

Power: 0.01W (10mW) – Please remeber to use low power (1W or less – typically Low3) as hotspots don’t require much power.

This hotspot is configured for C4FM and will perform YSF2DMR into the Southern Tier Talkgroup on Brandmeister 31367. With radios that are capable of doing room changes (X button), you are allowed to change the room to another YSF reflector for your own use. However, when you are finished, please be respectful to others and change the room back to YSF2DMR (ID 00002) when you are finished. The hotspot will default back to YSF2DMR after 30 minutes.

To check the current status of the hotspot or verify the YSF reflector connected, while on Kopernik wifi, visit kopernikysf.

For a list of YSF reflectors and thier ID numbers, visit https://register.ysfreflector.de/.

*My Yaesu radio has my call sign correct but on DMR, it comes up as W2FJH. What’s wrong? You haven’t registered with http://www.radioid.net. YSF2DMR translates your call sign into a DMR ID registered with Radio ID. Since your call sign is not found, it defaults to W2FJH for this hotspot. Register your call sign at https://www.radioid.net/account/register. After your registration is complete, your call sign should show up properly in DMR.


The DMR Kopernik Hotspot is configured to use DMRGateway on Timeslot 2. What this means is, you can key up a Brandmeister talkgroup, a TGIF Network talkgroup, or a YSF reflector all using your DMR radio! YSF and TGIF will NOT be dynamic talkgroups which means you will need to disconnect these groups when you are finished.

For TGIF, use the talkgroup 50 + <5 digit TGIF talkgroup> on Timeslot 2. For example, to key up QuadNet Array (TGIF talkgroup 199), you would PTT talkgroup 5000199. And remember to key up 5004000 to disconnect. For a list of TGIF talkgroups, visit https://tgif.network/talkgroups.php. Or for a list of current active talkgroups, visit https://tgif.network/activetg.php.

For YSF, use the talkgroup 70 + <5 digit YSF reflector ID> on Timeslot 2. For example, to key up Texas Patriots (YSF Reflector ID 87846), you would PTT talkgroup 7087846. And remember to key up 7004000 to disconnect. For a list of YSF reflectors and thier IDs, visit https://register.ysfreflector.de/.


For help regarding these hotspots, email frank@w2fjh.net or join our BARA space on Seven3. Additionally, you can join our weekly STNY DMR Net to ask questions regarding these hotspots or any questions about DMR. Visit our main page, http://www.stnydmr.net, for more information about the net.