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05/19/2024Using Digital Voice while traveling. Do you bring a hotspot/radio while traveling out of town? Do you use apps such as DroidStar to communicate on the go? Or are there DMR repeaters where you travel? No After Net Tech Topic
05/12/2024Aurora sighting, going to Dayton Hamfest, Geomagnetic storm comments. No After Net Tech Topic
05/05/2024Wifi 7 (IEEE 802.11be). Are you considering upgrading your home network to Wifi 7? Or have you looked into the improvements Wifi 7 makes over Wifi 5 and Wifi 6? From Wikipedia: IEEE 802.11be, dubbed Extremely High Throughput (EHT), is the latest of the IEEE 802.11 standard, which is designated Wi-Fi 7. Throughput is believed to reach a theoretical maximum of 46 Gbit/s, although actual results are much lower.No After Net Tech Topic
04/28/2024I was informed that a Yaesu repeater owner in the area may be open to statically setting a different room on Wires-X. It was purposed to use KC-Wide (Room #28054, ~150 connected nodes). KC-Wide is a busy room with a lot of activity/nets. I also suggested the STNY (83721) room but this room has nowhere near the activity that KC-Wide offers. Poll: Would you guys like to see KC-Wide or STNY? No After Net Tech Topic
04/21/2024Advice for new hams. Rigs, software, antennas, modes, or other thoughts about the hobby you'd share with new hams. No After Net Tech Topic
04/14/2024Have you heard of or have any experience with LoRa/MeshTastic? is an off-grid, solar-powered, long-range mesh network built on free, open source software and affordable, open hardware. The hardware for is as open as possible. The heart of the device is the WiFi and BLE-enabled ESP32 microcontroller and LoRa tranceiver. No After Net Tech Topic
04/07/2024What are your plans for the Solar Eclipse? A total solar eclipse that will be seen across North America will occur on Monday, April 8th. It will be the last of its kind in the US for the next 20 years. No After Net Tech Topic
03/31/2024Canceled Net
03/24/2024Google Meet vs Zoom for our net meetings. Google Meet ( or Google Workspace) is cheaper, about 60% of the monthly subscription cost, than Zoom for the host. But I do know more hams are familiar with Zoom as opposed to Google Meet. Is there any objections to moving to Google Meet?No After Net Tech Topic
03/17/2024Obscure digital modes on HF. THOR/THROBX/MFSK, Unused OLIVIA modes such as 32-1k, 4-500. Do you use any obscure digital modes on HF? (Credit to @Ryan Lates ) No After Net Tech Topic
03/10/2024Daylight Savings Time. How are you adjusting to losing an hour? And your thoughts on the push to make Daylight Savings permanent (no more Spring forward/Fall back)? (Credit to @Ed Krymowski ) No After Net Tech Topic
03/03/2024Interest in getting a DMR repeater in the air in the Southern Tier. Would you use it regularly? Would you be willing to help support it either through maintenance or financial (for initial investment, say a Go Fund Me)? No After Net Tech Topic
02/25/2024Do you have a Wires-X PDN capable radio (FT-2/3/5DR, FTM-100/200/300/400DR)? Have you used this capability? No After Net Tech Topic
02/18/2024Have you used the TGIF network? Should we make an after-net tech topic for setting up your Pi-Star Hotspot to use both Brandmeister and TGIF at the same time? If so, any particular Sunday that'd work best to attend? No After Net Tech Topic
02/11/2024What's your team? And what's the score now? (Superbowl LVIII) No After Net Tech Topic
02/04/2024Anything new and exciting to you in the world of ham radio? A new project? Something new you're learning? Maybe an exciting new DX QSO? Ragchew
01/28/2024Have you done any AllStar? What are your thoughts? I've recently found that you can listen to AllStar without a node using DVSwitch for Android. Ragchew
01/21/2024What winter Field Day plans do you have next weekend? Ragchew
01/14/2024Do you use Disconnect (4000) on either dynamic or auto-static talkgroups with your hotspot? Ragchew
01/07/2024New Years resolutions and/or How you fared with the snow this morning? Ragchew
12/31/2023Canceled Net
12/24/2023Canceled Net
12/17/2023Your Christmas/Holiday plans and any traditions.  No After Net Tech Topic
12/10/2023Topic ideas for the after net Tech discussion? No After Net Tech Topic
12/03/2023What was your first radio? And what is your favorite radio now? What is WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and a quick install procedure.
11/26/2023How was your Thanksgiving? And what are you grateful for this year? Installing and configuring DroidStar on your Windows PC for a backup or an additional method of accessing DMR/YSF/D-Star.
11/19/2023What radio plans do you have for Thanksgiving Day/weekend? Any Special event stations, POTA, nets, or any traditions? No After Net Tech Topic
11/12/2023Canceled Net
11/05/2023Do you use any software to block ads? If so, what software do you use and how do you like it? A look at AdGuard for Windows to protect block ads on your PC and AdGuard Home to block ads on all devices on your home network.
10/29/2023Halloween plans. Are you handing out candy? Taking any kids or grandkids trick-or-treating? Maybe joining a Halloween party? Ragchew
10/22/2023What spotting programs do you use? Ragchew
10/15/2023VPNs. Do you use a VPN for privacy while traveling/public networks or for remote access? shows how to setup ZeroTier free tier on Pi-Star for remote access on the go. Ragchew
10/08/2023Do you use or have you tried EchoLink?Ragchew
10/01/2023No net topic this week. Ragchew
09/24/2023No net topic this week. Ragchew
09/17/2023With fall starting this Saturday (Sept 23), what are some of your favorite fall activities? Ragchew
09/10/2023Home Wifi. Have you upgraded your home wifi network to Wifi 6 or Wifi 6e? Is it worth it at this point or possibly wait for Wifi 7? Or have you upgraded to a wifi mesh network as opposed to a single wifi router? Ragchew
09/03/2023Do you have any plans for Labor Day tomorrow? Ragchew
08/26/2023Do you have any plans for Saturday nights since the STNY Digital Voice net is moving to Sundays? Ragchew
08/19/2023Canceled Net
08/12/2023If you were not on tonight's net, what would you be doing? - topic contributed by @Mick Pyzoha Ragchew
08/05/2023Ham Radio Trivia Ragchew
07/29/2023Is there any fun projects you're working on? Or any new ham radio areas you're learning about? Ragchew
07/22/2023How does this net schedule work for you? Would it be better to move this net to Sundays at 7pm? Any conflicts with other nets or a bad time for you? And is there anymore volunteers willing to give Net Control a shot? Ragchew
07/15/2023Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Have you heard of WSL and if so, have you tried it out? What are your thoughts of WSL? For more info: - Extra Net Topic: With Prime Day and a lot of other onlines sales happening this week, did you find any good deals you'd like to share?Ragchew
07/08/2023Beating the heat. What are you doing to stay cool?Ragchew
07/01/2023No Net TopicRagchew
06/24/2023Have you used the SMS features of DMR at all? Ragchew
06/17/2023Field Day coming up do you have club plans, individual or other ideas? Also if you have a specific topic to discuss bring it to the net. Ragchew
06/10/2023W0CHP Dashboard. Have you used it? And what was your experience.Ragchew
06/03/2023Do you listen to FM radio? Or do you pay for the ad-free services of Spotify/iHeartRadio/etc? Maybe CDs or Vinyl? Ragchew
05/27/2023Do you have anything special you do during Memorial Day weekend? Such as watch the Indy 500, Parade, cemetery visit, cookout, special event stations, etc. Ragchew
05/20/2023Do you have anything special you do during Memorial Day weekend? Ragchew
05/13/2023Hotspot recommendations.  Ragchew
05/06/2023Do you manually disconnect your antennas during storms, do you ground your antennas during storms, do you use a switch for antenna disconnect from radios to ground? Ragchew
04/29/2023Do you talk on Statewide talkgroups? Or do you monitor any state wide talkgroups? Ragchew
04/22/2023Budgeting for ham radio equipment. Any tips or tricks on finding deals on ham gear? Ragchew
04/15/2023Do you leave your radios on all the time? Ragchew
04/08/2023Rigs. What rig are you coming into the net with? What rigs do you have for base, mobile, and portable operations? Do you do any Digital Voice modes while traveling? Any favorite rigs and why? Ragchew
04/01/2023Every band has its own characteristics. If you could only use VHF/UHF + 1 band for the next year, what band would you choose and why? Ragchew
03/25/2023Do you do any HF Contesting, Special Events, POTA or other activity? Are there any Digital Mode contests or special events you are aware? Ragchew
03/18/2023Shortwave radio. Do you do any shortwave listening? And what do you hear? Using and setting up NetLogger as Net Control.
03/11/2023Do you follow any hams on YouTube or other online sources for ham news or reviews? If so, what hams do you follow? Review Chirp image for 3 radios (Baofeng GT-5R, TYT TH-UV88, and Radioddity GA-510) I’ll be bringing up to Kopernik for this month's meeting.
03/04/2023If an ARRL member, what features do you like? On line magazines, newsletter, propagation reports, technical resources, etc. Ragchew
02/25/2023What projects is everyone working on? Ham radio related or other hobbies. Setting up a new hotspot with @Eric Benjamin (KD4EEB).
02/18/2023Is CB Radio dead? And do you have a good story to tell when CB was in it's heyday? ime permitting, we'll start trying to make a code plug for the TYT MD-UV390. Part 2
02/11/2023Calling all gamers! Do you do any gaming? Maybe a previous gamer? What platform(s) (PC/Playstation/Xbox/Switch/Mobile)? And what genres do you like (FPS/RPG/Sports/Simulator/RTS/etc)? Time permitting, we'll start trying to make a code plug for the TYT MD-UV390.
02/04/2023Do you use SDR radio? If so what dongle, software and antenna do you use? What do you listen to? Frank (W2FJH) will discuss a simple way to record DMR nets with just a PC.
01/28/2023GMRS. Do you have a GMRS license along with your ham radio license? Practical applications for GMRS especially for non-hams (family/friends). Camping, Boating, Hunting, etc. Could we utilize GMRS for special events monitoring to recruit more volunteers? Frank (W2FJH) will discuss a simple way to record DMR nets with just a PC. (Postponed)
01/21/20236 Meter. How active is it? Is it worth getting a mobile antenna with 6 meter?No tech topic this week.
01/14/2023Simplex. Do you use or monitor simplex frequencies? If so, do you use it for voice, digital voice, or any other applications? And how this relates to emergency preparedness if local repeaters go down? No tech topic this week.
01/07/2023Happy 2023 Everyone! This week's net we'll be talking your holiday traditions and how your holidays went. No tech topic this week.
12/31/2022Roundtable Net
12/24/2022Roundtable Net
12/17/2022The next 2 nets fall on the eves of Christmas and New Years. For these nets, should we cancel? Or should we temporarily break the format and hold an informal round robin net for those that can stop by quickly to wish others a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? 2nd Question: I have been recording the last few nets and have been posted them on Seven3. Does anyone find the recordings helpful?Jerry, a friend of @Mick Pyzoha , will be stopping by for help getting on Wires-X on an Yaesu FTM-400 so that he can join the net in the future.
12/10/2022Canceled Net
12/03/2022What are your thoughts about the move to P25 for Broome County Emergency Services?No tech topic this week.
11/26/2022How was your Thanksgiving?No tech topic this week.
11/19/2022(Continued) Holding onto New Hams. How do we get newly licensed hams on-the-air and interested in ham radio?No tech topic this week.
11/12/2022Holding onto New Hams. How do we get newly licensed hams on-the-air and interested in ham radio?No tech topic this week.
11/05/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
10/29/2022Portable Power Stations: Have you tried one? What was your experience? How was the solar panels compared to the stated wattage?No tech topic this week.
10/22/2022When mobile travelling across states any suggestions for making contacts using DMR mobile? No tech topic this week.
10/15/2022Your thoughts on the platform change from a DMR net to a Digital Voice net as we discuss many other topics not solely DMR related? Such as Wires-X, YSF, AllStar, DroidStar (Multi-DV), EchoLink, etc. The name change may attract more hams to join in on the discussion who may bring more ideas and avenues to explore. Live Debugging for KB2DJW (@Dan Williams ) who is having difficulties getting his radio talking to his hotspot. See files attached if you'd like to follow along or would like to debug yourself.
10/08/2022Have you tried any other DMR networks outside of Brandmeister (TGIF/DMR+)? If so, what do you like about those networks or what nets do you tune into? Have you tried DMR2YSF? Ragchew/Ideas for net topics
10/01/2022No Net TopicOverview of (continued).
09/24/2022What fall radio projects do you have planned? Overview of Setting up your profile and picture, customizing your email summaries and notifications (if your getting too much email or feel like your missing things), creating posts and spaces, and customizing your privacy settings.
09/17/2022Canceled Net
09/10/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
09/03/2022Labor Day Plans Brandmeister API v2. What to do and why you'd want to use the API on Pi-Star. Thank you to @Mick Pyzoha (N3OJP) for bringing up this topic.
08/27/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
08/20/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
08/13/2022What Hamfests have you attended so far this summer? And do you plan to attend any future hamfests this year?No tech topic this week.
08/06/2022Not recordedNot recorded
07/30/2022Not recordedNot recorded
07/23/2022Do you use the Brandmeister site? What features and or functions do you use? Do you have and questions about using the features of Brandmeister? No tech topic this week.
07/16/2022Not recordedNot recorded
07/09/2022Not recordedNot recorded
07/02/2022Not recordedNot recorded
06/25/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
06/18/2022Field Day! Are you participating? What are your plans? Personal or Club activation? No tech topic this week.
06/11/2022Trivia!No tech topic this week.
06/04/2022What TG or Nets do you find interesting, educational or public service that you follow? This may be a daily, weekly or a TG you may want to follow. No tech topic this week.
05/28/2022Where do you see ham radio 10 years from now? Basics of the Linux Terminal Part 2
05/21/2022Cord Cutters are roughly 20% of households as of 2020 and were expected to be 55.1% as of 2022. Are you a cord cutter? Have you considered cutting the cord? And if so, what streaming services do you use? Basics of the Linux Terminal Part 1
05/14/2022What antennas have you made for any bands, VHF, UHF or HF or other. What worked and what did not work?No tech topic this week.
05/07/2022How did you get started in Amateur Radio? and / or How did you first find out about Amateur Radio? Pick either question or answer both of them. No tech topic this week.
04/30/2022Have you done any computer programming before? If so, what language? If not, is there any languages you were interested in learning? Supermon and Allstar nodes with Ken (KC9QV) Part 2
04/23/2022If you had a power outage this week were you able to access DMR?  No tech topic this week.
04/16/2022What projects or Spring activities are you looking forward to since we are finally getting some nicer weather?No tech topic this week.
04/09/2022How are you accessing the net? What radio do you use and how do you like it?Supermon and Allstar nodes with Ken (KC9QV) Part 1
04/02/2022How are you accessing the net? What radio do you use and how do you like it?No tech topic this week.
03/26/2022What hamfests do you like?No tech topic this week.
03/19/2022WiFi range extenders: What works? What does not?No tech topic this week.
03/12/2022Cell Phone Signal Boosters for home or vehicle: Have you tried them? What are your thoughts? And are they worth it?No tech topic this week.
03/05/2022What (ham radio) clubs or organizations do you belong to?Questions on
02/26/2022Discuss any radio projects you have going on.No tech topic this week.
02/20/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
02/12/2022If it was possible, What is one thing you would tell yourself 10 years ago? No tech topic this week.
02/05/2022Stories: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Share a good story about your life. No tech topic this week.
01/29/2022Returning from previous net question: What do you want to talk about? Are there any net topic or tech net topics you’d like for upcoming nets? DMRGateway Part 3
01/22/2022Outside of Ham Radio, what other hobbies do you enjoy? DMRGateway Part 2
01/15/2022When things go wrong… Ham Radio Problems – What was a frustrating problem you had in Ham radio? How did you debug the problem? and What ended up being the solution?DMRGateway Part 1
01/08/2022Net Topics - What do you want to talk about?No tech topic this week.
01/01/2022No Net TopicNo tech topic this week.
12/25/2021Net Canceled
12/18/2021Holiday TraditionsNo tech topic this week.
12/11/2021Christmas Ham Radio Wishlist – Any radios or ham radio gear on your wishful for this Christmas season? What features/capabilities are you looking forward to using with the new equipment?No tech topic this week.
12/04/2021Ham radio tools. Antenna tuners, SWR meters, etc. What ham tools are essential to you and that you would recommend to new hams?What is DMRGateway? And how do I use it?
11/27/2021Net recommendations – What other nets (Digital or Analog) do you listen to and enjoy?(postponed) What is DMRGateway? And how do I use it?
11/20/2021Turkey Day! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? And what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?(postponed) What is DMRGateway? And how do I use it?
11/13/2021Ham Awards. What awards have you earned? What was the most memorable? And are you chasing any awards now?No tech topic this week.
11/06/2021What software is a must-have for you? Or what software do you recommend to other hams?Postponed from last week do to time. – New Hotspot setup (Unboxing to making QSOes)
10/30/2021What drew you into amateur radio initially and what areas of amateur radio do you find the most interesting now?Topic postponed to later net due to time. Original Topic: New Hotspot setup (Unboxing to making QSOes)
10/23/2021What was your biggest difficulty or pitfall getting started with DMR?How to setup your hotspot to identify in CW.
10/16/2021What mode(s) do you enjoy working? AM, FM, CW, SSB, PK8, DMR, C4FM, etc.No specific tech discussion this week.
10/09/2021What is your favorite radio (Digital or Analog) and why?How to flash an SD Card with Pi-Star